Under Reconstruction

Today’s the big day.

Today is the day I’ve decided to upgrade this blog to WordPress 2.2 (finally). I figured that while I was at it, I’d change the blog’s theme — I’m rather bored with this one — and change it’s name.

So throughout today, this blog will be looking and acting weird. I hope it doesn’t get too weird for me to fix in one day. If all goes well, the blog will be at least 95% fully functional by day’s end, with some features gone and others added little by little over the coming weeks. I’m also hoping to add some new features.

The theme I’ve chosen, a version of Cutline by Chris Pearson, features two sidebars and a wider fixed-width page. This will fill the width of most folks screens and make it possible for me to have more before the “fold.” The second sidebar column will make it possible to display offsite links and advertising separate from internal navigation features. The look is clean and polished, the font is larger, and the theme is more far advanced than what I’m accustomed to, so I’ll have plenty of room to grow and learn.

I’ll tell you more about the blog’s new name and plans for the future when I get the hard stuff done. Stay tuned.

And please have patience if you tune in and see a big mess — or, worse yet — some PHP errors here.

3 thoughts on “Under Reconstruction

  1. You did a great job, and the site name is taylor-made for you – there is no way to design a better one, other than perhaps “the airborne eclectic”. But since you clearly have your feet on the ground – you did well with the name “as is”.

    Your comments on networking are tumbling about in my mind. Not in general, but specific with respect to your objectives as I see them. Made some notes and will send my final version soon.

    I have wp 2.2 installed, just the default installation. Decided it exceeds my capacity to configure and manage. So I installed Snews as well, and even that one gives me fits. May revert to smoke signals – since I know how to strike a match, but not much more. So I am particularly impressed with the WP you had before and again now.

    My best –


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