WebCam Timelapse – July 31, 2007

More storms.

My friend Tom took a great photo of the storm cloud that passed through Wickenburg yesterday. I thought it might be interesting to see a timelapse for the same day:

Remember, after clicking this image, you may have to wait a few seconds for it to load before it starts playing. Be patient and click only once. It’ll play right in this window. QuickTime is required.

I live to the west of Tom (that’s to the left in this photo) about a mile away. Although you can see the storm clouds moving in in this timelapse, the view is different: Tom was looking northwest; my view is northeast.

Want More?

If you’re really into these timelapse images, you can download the entire set for July: 18 QuickTime movies in a 20.6 MB ZIP file.

Or you can do what a few folks at have done: get on my e-mail list for a daily distribution of the day’s timelapse movie, mailed at at about 8 PM MST each evening. The distribution list is only used for the automated distribution of these timelapses, so don’t worry about spam. To get on the list, contact me. To get off the list, just reply to one of the distribution messages and let me know that you’ve had enough.

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