Flash Flood Warning

Flash Flood in WidgetAlerted by a Mac OS X Widget.

It’s raining like hell here — FINALLY!!! — and I thought I’d peek at the Dashboard Radar in Motion widget for the area. Imagine my surprise when it displayed a Flash Flood Alert! (If you’re wondering, I live in the vicinity of the “e” in Wickenburg on the map.)

The rain really is coming down here and there’s some water movement off my house, down my driveway, and down the road leading to my home. But the big wash that runs past my house has a long way to go before it has enough water to start running. I’ll keep an eye on it, but we’d need at least an hour more of rain like this to get to flood stage.

Hard to work when there’s finally so much great weather outside. It’s been more than 3 months since we got a good rainfall here.

3 thoughts on “Flash Flood Warning

  1. It got scary for a while. The water rose quickly. I managed to get my horses out of the flood plain before the water got too deep and swift to walk through. My neighbor’s horses were standing in a foot of water — 4 feet ABOVE where the water usually flows. Water receding now. Got some good photos to share.

    Still wet, though!

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