WebCam Timelapse – July 21, 2007

Clouds, then thunder. But still no rain.

We spent most of yesterday driving around back roads in the Bradshaw Mountains, escaping the heat. There were isolated T-storms up there and we got drizzled on, but not seriously wet.

At home, the WebCam did its job and captured the local sky cover. Although it was only partly cloudy in Wickenburg when we returned home at 4:30 PM, the clouds moved in quickly. We had a rainbow (not captured on the video) just before sunset and could clearly hear thunder and see lightning.

But no rain.

Here’s the timelapse for the day:

Remember, after clicking this image, you may have to wait a few seconds for it to load before it starts playing. Be patient and click only once. It’ll play right in this window. QuickTime is required.

I’ve got higher hopes for today since storm clouds are already close at 1:18 PM. Radar shows them moving southwest; there’s a slight chance they might pass just northwest of us. I hope not. I’m ready for a good storm.

What do you think?