You Can Delete the Recycle Bin?

I guess so. I just did it.

My latest adventure in Windows computing…deleting the Recycle Bin. What I meant to do was empty the Recycle Bin. But I right-clicked and chose Delete. In a flash, it was gone. I couldn’t find an Undo command.


I found another Recycle Bin in the Folders list when I double-clicked the Computer icon on my desktop. (I’m running Windows Vista.) I dragged it to the desktop and it turned into a shortcut icon for the Recycle Bin. Was the old icon a shortcut, too? When I opened the Recycle Bin, the one I deleted wasn’t there so I couldn’t compare.

Whoda thunk you could delete the Recycle Bin?

On a more positive note, I was finally able to print my FAA Operations Specifications from the IOPSS Web site. The software I had to use, which requires a Windows PC, is a client shell for accessing a system on the FAA server. It’s not at all intuitive. For the past four months, I’ve been trying, off and on, to print the 30+ page document that I’m required to have onboard my helicopter. I think the version I had in there was up-to-date, but I figured I could be sure by printing a fresh copy every once in a while. Today was the first time I’ve gotten it to print since I moved out of my old office. Oddly enough, the printer started running after I logged off the FAA server. How weird is that?

I do feel as if printing it was an achievement, since the printer in question is connected via Ethernet directly to my G5 Mac and the PC accesses it wirelessly through printer sharing. I’m always surprised when I can get that setup to work. The last time I successfully printed, I had to do a direct USB connection from one of my other printers to the PC.

3 thoughts on “You Can Delete the Recycle Bin?

  1. I just got a Windows Vista a cople weeks ago and i was trying to empty the Recycle Bin and I accintally pressed a delete button my brother was yelling at me “YOU CAN’T DELETE THE RECYCLE BIN” (I have the only Windows Vista in the house) I looked in “Computer” and did’nt find it…

  2. It has been PROVEN you can never delete, or copy the recycle bin, unless you go into the core of your computer and re-write the coding (this goes for every operating system in the world)
    Unless you are Chuck Norris or one of the greatest computer programmers in the world (bill gates, so on)

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