Blog, Defined VERY Broadly

A definition I can live with.

I try very hard to follow a number of blogs. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough hours in a day for me to keep up with the ones worth following. But Deep Jive Interests is one of them.

In a post today, Tony Hung wrote an excellent rebuttal to Jakob Nielsen’s recent article urging people to write white papers instead of blogs. In it, he defined the term blog. From Jakob Nielson — With The Humblest Respect? You Don’t Understand Blogging, Sir. on Deep Jive Interests:

I like to define it in the broadest way possible, independent of the content, or things like comments. A blog is simply a way of distributing content in reverse chronological order.

Now this is something I can live with. It leaves bloggers open to write about whatever they like, using any format they like. And that’s what I try to do here — which is why this blog is such a hodgepodge of information and ideas.

I recommend Tony’s article. If you’re a serious blogger, check it out — and subscribe to the feed for his blog, Deep Jive Interests.

As for Mr. Nielsen…well, my opinion of him has dropped somewhat after reading “Write Articles, Not Blog Postings” on his site. Too bad he doesn’t allow comments on his site. I’m sure plenty of bloggers would help set him straight.

What do you think?