WebCam Timelapse – July 16, 2007

It’s getting closer!

My WebCam has been faithfully making timelapse movies every day. I’m trying not to bore you by showing you all of them.

Yesterday’s sky was extremely active. Cloudy then mostly sunny then cloudy with an approaching thunderstorm. This video shows an excellent example of a typical monsoon summer day here in Arizona. The storm was fast approaching and Mike and I really thought we’d get poured on. But when the sun sets, the storm’s main source of energy is removed. It dissipates quickly — usually within an hour of sunset. And although yesterday’s storm got close — probably within 20 miles — it died before it reached us.


Here’s the video from the day. I’ve tweaked the settings to shoot a new frame every 8 minutes and create the video at the framrate of 5 frames per second. That stretches out the video to 20 seconds without making a major increase in the file size.

Remember, after clicking this image, you may have to wait a few seconds for it to load before it starts playing. Be patient and click only once. It’ll play right in this window. QuickTime is required.

2 thoughts on “WebCam Timelapse – July 16, 2007

  1. Good choice of size and speed. That movie was very satisfying.

    It must be so frustrating to see those clouds come so close just before nightfall and then to have the storm dissipate.

  2. Frustrating? You can’t imagine! I hasn’t really rained here in about 3 months. We had a tiny drizzle last night — just enough to turn the dust on the cars into dirt slotches. This morning, we could SMELL the rain — I think it might have been raining downtown — but not a drop fell on us. I think that when it finally does rain here, I’m going to go out and dance in it.

    Probably get struck by lightning, too.

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