100,000 Visitors

My site reaches an arbitrary milestone.

100,000+ VisitorsJust before I [finally] got to work today, a peek at my Blog’s home page revealed that the site has had more than 100,000 visitors since July 1, 2007 — or in less than a year. And no, that doesn’t include my hits.

That’s a big deal for me — reaching this number in less than a year. It means I’m not blogging in a vacuum. It also means that if even 50% of the people who came here did so by mistake (hey, it happens), 50,000 people came and read at least one article. And if 90% came here by mistake (let’s hope not), 10,000 people came and read at least one article.

The number, of course, is arbitrary. I’ve been keeping a Web site since 1997 — more than 10 years now — and a blog since 2003. But my counter has only been at work since July 1, 2006. So I have no idea what the total count is. I’m just pleased about this count.

My next milestone: getting the comment count to exceed the post count.

Don’t mind me…I’m just crazy about stats.

What do you think?