No Escape from the Heat

What I’m looking forward to this week.

Weather for June Month-endFor those of you who read me whining and complaining about the weather, I just want you to see what I have to look forward to this coming week. This is the forecast as provided by Mac OS X’s Weather Dashboard widget.

Sure, it’s sunny every day this week. But what the widget fails to report is the UV index of 10 every single day. Do you know what that’s like to be in? Let’s just say that I only lasted 30 minutes with the top down in my car the other day — and I was in Prescott, which is 20°F cooler.

And yeah, it’s a dry heat. The current humidity in my backyard is 4%. But triple digits is triple freaking digits. What the hell was I thinking when I moved here?

2 thoughts on “No Escape from the Heat

  1. Spend some time back east in the gray gloom, or the humidity that makes you grow gills. Then you’ll remember why ;-)

    You’re right, though, the sun is ferocious.

  2. You’re right of course. I lived in New York and New Jersey for 35 years and used to wish for days like I get here now EVERY DAY. I wish I could trade a few days now and then. When the rain comes, it’s a real treat.

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