I'm Back

Back from vacation and catching up on work.

I’m back from my first ever 2-week vacation with Mike. As those of you following this blog might know, we went northwest to Alaska for a trip to Anchorage and Denali National Park and a cruise down the coast. We finished up in Seattle with a visit to Mike’s cousin and last shot of rain before returning to the desert.

This morning, I went through the comments on the site that needed attention and answered a bunch of questions. I handled much of my e-mail while away (thanks to my Treo), so I didn’t have too much e-mail to wade through on my return. Right now, I’m watching the WWDC ’07 Keynote Address via streaming QuickTime video. (They’re talking about gaming right now, which doesn’t interest me at all, so I can take a moment to make this quick post.)

Some things lined up for me this week: get started on my Leopard book (again), pick up the helicopter, and fire off a few articles for Informit. (I took this vacation — now I have to pay for it!) I also hope to find time to write blog entries about cuising and the various stops we made in Alaska.

In the meantime, please visit my TumbleLog for some photos I took with my Treo’s camera. Better photos will appear here.

Stay tuned.

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