Where Am I?

Just a quick note.

I’m in Alaska these days, on vacation. Although I was hoping to blog the highlights of this trip, so far, I’ve been to busy enjoying it to write.

I’ve been trying to use my Treo to post photos to my TumbleLog. It hasn’t been working. Is it possible that my phone’s e-mail feature works better off-the-grid at our vacation place than in the beautiful city of Anchorage? I do recommend checking in there, just in case I do get it working.

We’ll be boarding the train for a ride up to Denali today. We’ll be there two nights, then return to Anchorage and board another train to Seward. Then we’ll hop on Radiance of the Seas for a cruise down to Vancouver.

The most outrageous thing here: strolling the streets of Anchorage, wandering into shops, with the sun shining at us at 9:50 PM. And seeing families with small kids hanging out in local parks at 10:30 PM, still in full sun.

More when I have time and can connect.

[composed in Anchorage, AK with ecto]

One thought on “Where Am I?

  1. Hi Maria & Mike;

    We’ve are having some Alaska weather now… mid to high 80’s but will be back into the high 90’s this weekend.

    Hope you are having fun in the land of the midnight sun.

    Lee n’ Sharon

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