A Google AdSense Milestone

I break the century mark.

RevenuSenseFor the first time, monthly AdSense earnings from all of my Web sites has passed the $100 mark. That means I actually get a payment for a single month.

Woo hoo!

AdSense is currently covering all costs of hosting and renewing domain names for all of my sites. But that’s about it.

(Obviously, if I was blogging for money, I would have quit a long time ago.)

In case you’re wondering, two thirds of my AdSense revenue comes from wickenburg-az.com, which gets about half as many visitors as this site. That site is a general info site appealing to people interested in the town of Wickenburg. They’re not necessarily techies, so they’re more likely to click ads. This site attracts mostly techies, who are less likely to click (or even see) ads.

I removed all my LinkShare ads from wickenburg-az.com today. I removed them from this site about two months ago. What a waste of code.

Revenue TextLinkAds is just starting to pick up. But I don’t ever expect revenue from that source to surpass AdSense.

And in case you’re wondering, the image shown above is from the RevenuSense widget, which I reviewed here in March.

What do you think?