One Less Blogger

A blogger passes on.

The other day, I got the following e-mail message:

I’m one of Fred Mullen’s son’s. He had a blog at Dad linked your blog on his front page, and had mentioned it to me before.

I don’t know if you knew Dad, but because he had mentioned yours and linked it on his, I thought I should write and let you know that he passed away from esophageal cancer on May 12. Dad was 66. He was diagnosed just 6 weeks earlier, and death came quickly. I miss him terribly.

His final blog entry was written a week before his death. He planned to journal his walk with cancer. He just didn’t realize that the walk was nearly over.

I had visited Fred’s blog after realizing that he linked to me. It was a typical blog, full of personal thoughts and ideas, well written and mature. His last entry, “Journey Through a Dark Valley,” began the story of his bout with cancer. Dated May 5, 2007, it was written only a week before his death.

It’s interesting to think about what Fred has left behind for the world: his blog. It’s still online and anyone can read it and learn a little about Fred. Nothing lasts forever and someday, when Blogger folds, this public remnant of Fred will also be gone. But until then, we can read it and remember what this particular blogger was about.

Rest in peace, Fred. And thanks for sharing with us.

What do you think?