Araucana Rooster Seeks New Coop

Kicked out for pestering the hens.

Araucana RoosterMr. Rooster (that’s the name I give all my roosters) has been kicked out of the chicken coop. One of two roosters in my flock, the girls prefer his rival, the other Mr. Rooster. They’re particularly upset by exiled Mr. Rooster chasing them out of their nests while they’re trying to lay eggs. (It’s quite obvious he isn’t “getting enough.” Wink-wink, nod-nod, say no more.)

Mr. Rooster is an Araucana, an Easter Egg chicken. He’s about 16 months old. Araucanas lay colored eggs. In my flock, they’re mostly green, but one of the hens lays brown eggs. Mr. Rooster, of course, does not lay eggs. But if he’s in with your hens, you can bet those eggs will be fertilized daily.

We kicked him out of the coop so he’d stop bothering the girls. It was my hope that a coyote would have him for dinner one night, but it’s been two weeks and he’s still hanging around outside the coop. We give him food and water and he’s gotten quite friendly. But he’s not getting back in with the girls.

So I’m hoping someone who either needs a rooster to complete a flock or a chicken to have for dinner will come claim him and take him off my hands. You bring the box with the air holes in it and I’ll catch him and get him in the box. Do what you like with him, but if it involves axes or Mexicans, I don’t want to know about it.

Seriously interested? Use the Contact link. And no, I won’t ship or deliver him. You’ll have to come to Wickenburg to pick him up.

But hurry. He can only hide from the coyotes for so long.

June 21, 2015 Update: Because someone actually emailed me today to ask whether the rooster I wrote about eight years ago was still available, let me make it clear: it’s not.

2 thoughts on “Araucana Rooster Seeks New Coop

  1. Hi.We have 3 hens and would like this rooster.Is he still around (I hope),I am a bird lover and he would be a great addition with everybirdy else in our coop.We live in Calif. Thank-You.

  2. Hi,

    Was looking at images of roosters and came across this handsome bird. Could I have your permission to paint this image of Mr. Rooster? It’s for a floor cloth for my daughter-in-law for Christmas. Would appreciate it.


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