Alaska, Here We Come

Reservations finally made.

For the past three years, Mike has been whining (for lack of a better word) about wanting to go to Alaska. Not knowing what he has in mind and unable to connect with him to discuss it (which is amazing, since we live in the same house), no plans have been made.

This year was different. He decided in April that this was the year we’d go. My cherry drying gig fell through and my Leopard book was rescheduled, so I was not going to pick up a flying job elsewhere. So he went to a travel agent here in Wickenburg (if you can believe that) and told her what he wanted. With tight date restrictions — I need to be working on the Leopard book by mid June and my annual mystery project will be sucking time in July — the travel agent achieved the impossible: a 7-night cruise with a 2-night Denali visit that includes some time on the ground for visiting Mike’s cousin in Seattle and Mike’s friend in Anchorage.

Radiance of the SeasThe trip will start with the Anchorage visit, then the train ride with overnight stays at the Princess Denali lodge. From there, we get on Radiance of the Seas — ironically, the only other cruise ship we’ve ever been on (that’s why I have a photo of it), and that was in the Caribbean — for a 7 days/nights cruising down to the Vancouver, with stops at the usual tourist ports almost every day. From there, we go to Seattle for two nights. Then home. We’ll be gone about two weeks — the longest vacation we’ve ever taken together.

Our accommodations on the ship will be similar to what we had on the last cruise: a mini suite with balcony. I seriously doubt whether we’ll get the concierge key this time; that was too much of a dumb luck coincidence last time. But it’ll be nice to spend late nights watching the sun set from the balcony. I just hope I can stay up late enough to make the most of it. Almost wish there was a way I could do all my sleeping before the trip so I only need a few hours a night. Wouldn’t that be great?

I’ll blog the trip. Of course. And if I can get an Internet connection while I’m away, I’ll actually send entries before I get back. With pictures.

Before that, though, Mike and I are heading to Torrance, CA for a week. Mike needs to take the Robinson Factory Safety course before he can get on my insurance. I decided to take it again with him. (This will be my third time.) We’ll fly out to California, spend the weekdays at an area hotel, then spend a few days in Malibu, just to get away. This was set up before the Alaska trip — a kind of mini vacation.

We deserve — and need — the time away.

3 thoughts on “Alaska, Here We Come

  1. Wow, it sounds fabulous. We’ve often dreamed of doing that Alaska cruise (and seeing the Aurora too), so I specially look forward to reading your blog posts.

    You know, you might like to think about installing the free Gallery on your server, with the WordPress plugin thingy. That way you could upload tons of great Alaska photos to the gallery and then just include the odd one in a post via the plugin.

    You have so many fabulous photos. It’s a bit frustrating to see them only at the small fit-in-a-post size.

    You can see an example at (my personal photo gallery). There’s a link at the foot of the page to Sourceforge to get the software.

  2. Thanks for the nice words about my photos. I always had an interest in photography and wish I could do more with them.

    I don’t want to publish hi-res photos online. I used to do that and was shocked when someone sent me an e-postcard that featured one of MY photos. The idea of photo theft really bugs me. So now I keep things small.

    But the new format for this site — if I ever finish it — will have a wider content area, so I’ll be able to put slightly larger photos online.

    I’ll check out that gallery, though. Thanks for the tip!

    And my next cruise (in another 10 years) might be down your way.

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