eBay Auction Update

Pretty much everything sold.

The AirPort went for the Buy It Now price of $79 — a smoking deal. Because I was away when the PayPal payment came in, I upgraded the shipping method to Priority Mail at my expense.

The Apple Annual Report from 1996 went to a buyer in Germany, making me wish I’d saved other annual reports throughout the years. (I might start saving them now.)

Even my spare copy of Mac OS X 10.0 in its original, sealed packaging went for a few bucks.

Only the Developer Preview of Jaguar remained unsold after a week on the block. I relisted it.

I might dip into my collection of Apple T shirts to see how those do. I believe I have one from eWorld that might bring back some memories for the Apple faithful — and a few bucks to cover my hosting fees.

What do you think?