Tennessee Tea Cakes?

No. T-cakes!

A few weeks ago, I offered helicopter rides at the Big Sandy shoot, northeast of Wikieup, AZ. (I wrote about it in “The Big Sandy Shoot, Take 2.”) Among my passengers that weekend was a man and his two sons. The man, Steve, was so thrilled with his ride that he took my mailing address and promised to send me some Tennessee tea cakes.

Tea cakes? Anything that’s a cake is fine with me.

Time passed. I never really expected Steve to remember about the tea cakes. So imagine my surprise when the UPS guy rolled up with a small box from Tennessee.

I opened the box. Inside was a tin full of Tennessee T-Cakes.

T-Cakes! Not tea cakes. I’d heard the letter T as the word tea. Silly me.

How can I describe these things? They’re small cookie-like cakes that are sweet and covered with powdered sugar. They’re soft and a tiny bit chewy. Quite tasty.

The cakes came with a thank you note from Steve and a little card that reported the Legend of the Tennessee T-Cake. A nice little gift.

Thank you, Steve!

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