How Stupid Can Some People Be?

Pretty stupid, it appears.

So far, three people have posted comments on my article, “How to Contact Customer Support by Telephone,” that appear to indicate that they think the article is part of They want help and they seem to expect to get it from posting their plea on the article’s comments.

Jeez Louise!

Can’t these people see that they’re on a Web site other than Amazon’s? Don’t they realize that the article provides instructions for calling Amazon? Why the hell don’t they just follow the instructions and call Amazon for the help they need?

At first, I was stupid enough to believe that their comments were just reports they were sharing about their frustrations with But now that I’ve realized what these people expect, I’m going to just delete their comments. No need to encourage more.

But it makes me wonder about the level of intelligence of some of the people out there. It’s apparently a lot lower than I thought.

3 thoughts on “How Stupid Can Some People Be?

  1. Did you see where Penn & Teller convinced folks to sign a petition to ban di-hydrogenoxide? How about when The Man Show circulated a petition to ban women’s sufferage and Women lined up to sign it?

    Like Ed Woods’ alien said in “Plan 9 from Outer Space,” to wit, “Earthlings! Stupid, stupid STUPID!”

  2. I don’t think that it’s appropriate for an support website to call people stupid. Is this how you treat your customers?


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