Reporting Google AdSense Policy Violations

A follow-up to my “Google, Adsense, and Splogging” post.

Moments after publishing my post about sploggers making money with AdSense, I got three pingbacks from a splogger’s site. I visited the site and saw an AdSense ad block at the top of the page.

Talk about timing!

I went to Google’s site and looked up the info to report violations. I found “Google AdSense Help Center: How do I report a policy violation?“:

How do I report a policy violation?

We regularly review sites in our program for compliance with our program policies. If you notice a site displaying Google ads that you believe is violating our program policies, please let us know and we can investigate the issue further.

The page then goes on to provide instructions making it clear how to report the problem.

Everyone reading this: please use this information to report sites that are scraping your feeds to generate content for their sites. The more we report this, the more likely Google will do something to prevent these people from getting AdSense accounts in the first place. Then maybe — just maybe — this feed scraping will stop.

What do you think?