An Unusual Landing Zone

This is what it’s all about.

This is why I fly helicopters. So I can visit places like this: a mesa overlooking the north Phoenix area.

Zero Mike Lima on a Mesa

This photo was taken by my friend Jason, who proposed to his wife during a camping trip on this spot. He’d sent me some GPS coordinates and a photo of the place from his plane and asked me to take them up there. I wrote about the gig here.

I ran into Jason the other day at the airport and he told me he had some photos from that trip. He e-mailed them to me yesterday. This one says it all and is now the desktop picture on my main computer.

I distinctly remember taking off from this spot. Lifting about 5 feet off the ground, nosing forward, and just “dropping” off the edge of this cliff. (No, I didn’t do a pushover; I’m not insane.) It was sweet.

What do you think?