More Feed Stuff

Now you can see the extremes I can take this stuff to.

Okay, so I get my category feeds set up and I get them redirected to FeedBurner. But I decide that I don’t like the name of the site feed (Maria Langer, The Official Web Site*) appearing as the name for all of the category feeds. Too much confusion for folks who subscribe to two or more categories here. (Silly me, imagining loyal readers who want to track multiple book support sites via feed.)

So I dig around in the WordPress Codex for code that’ll help me. I see some template tags there that might do the trick but don’t feel like wasting a day figuring out how to make this work.

So then I try searching the WordPress documentation and forums. I usually have terrible luck with the forums. I never seem to come up with the right combination of search words. But today, I did.

I searched for category feed title and I came up with this thread. In it, Diplo provides some relatively complex yet simple to insert code. Once I realized that the non-English words were variable names (duh) and could be used as Diplo wrote them, I inserted the code as instructed and got the desired result: if a feed is for a specific category, only the category name appears in the tag. As an added bonus, the category’s description (not the blog’s description) also appears in the feed header.

Now maybe I can get back to my real work.

*Read with tongue planted firmly in cheek.

What do you think?