Blogger's Block

Sometimes there just isn’t anything you feel like blogging about.

Those of you who follow this blog or its individual categories may have noticed a dip in new entries earlier this week. I normally try to get at least one new entry out per day. But early this week, that was difficult to do. In fact, I went three consecutive days without posting anything at all.

Why? I think I was suffering from blogger’s block.

Is there such a thing? Well, apparently there is. I just Googled the phrase and got a list of blog entries that reference it. More on that in a moment.

First, I want to talk about why it’s important to blog regularly. Simply said, your regular readers expect it. When they visit your site each day (or every two or three days, perhaps), they expect to see new content. Disappoint a visitor a few times and he might not come back. If your goal is to attract and keep visitors, it’s vital that you give them something new and interesting to read each time they visit.

The problem with that — other than the problem of being interesting in the first place — is coming up with fresh topics that you want to write about. And that’s where I was earlier this week. Bummed out by my sick computer, not happy about surfing the Web for ideas on my little laptop, busy completing my office move, occupied with Web server modifications and setting up new gigs for Flying M Air. Without input from the Web or time to think of topics, I was short on inspiration and unable (or perhaps unwilling?) to write anything new.

This is something I need to cope with. Fortunately, Darren at ProBlogger has written a series of articles on the subject of blogger’s block that has lots ideas for defeating it: “Battling Bloggers Block.” As usual, Darren has a bunch of really good tips. I recommend checking them out if you find yourself short on ideas for your blog.

What do you think?