Understanding the Rules of Great Content

Somewhat related to my Three Types of Blog Entries post…

In trying to catch up with the RSS feeds I subscribe to, I ran across an article titled “Understanding The Rules of Great Content” on ProBlogger Blog Tips, which says, in part:

In your quest for creating excellent content, you may have come across the following dilemma: I would love to create something important for my blog, but how do I, as a “mere” blogger contribute to that conversation at large? If I don’t create something de novo, will it be worth posting?

To answer that question, let me tell you about the 1 / 9 / 90 rule — and, in my humble opinion, its a rule that every blogger ought to live (and subsequently), die by.

In a way, the three types of blog posts I wrote about correspond to each part of the “rule” discussed in the article. The 1 is for 1% creating content — that’s where my “full-length articles” come in. The 9 is for 9% enriching content — that’s my “analysis of Web content.” And finally, the 90 is the 90% consuming content — that’s my “link lists.”

Although I’m not quite sure if I agree with the percentages — I’d rather see a 10 / 30 / 60 rule — I find it interesting that Tony Hung over at Problogger.net should come up with the same basic idea that I did, right around the same time. It’s as if we were both thinking about the kinds of entries a blogger could write but came up with different ways to say the same thing.

If you found my post interesting, I highly recommend that you read Tony’s. He goes into more detail about how to stay in that 9 percent.

As for this post, it falls into the 9 percent category. (Or at least I hope it does.)

What do you think?