The Grass is Outside

At University of Phoenix/Cardinals football stadium, that is.

I did a Phoenix tour today, taking two Florida Gators fans on a scenic flight around the city from Scottsdale Airport. One of the highlights of the flight was a flyby of Glendale’s University of Phoenix football stadium, where the Gators trounced Ohio State the other day.

The University of Phoenix football stadium is unique in that the entire playing field, which is grass, is on rollers. After a game, the field is rolled out of the stadium into the sun so the grass can recover. There’s also a field of sod out there that can be used to replace bits and pieces of the main field that are too badly damaged during a game for a regular recovery.

When we flew by this afternoon, we were all quite pleased to see the grass outside on the southeast side of the stadium. The end zones were still marked Florida and Ohio. My passengers took quite a few photos of the sight. I, of course, was flying, and didn’t get a chance to take any photos at all.

Maybe next time.

What do you think?