New Year's Weight Loss Hacks

Sound advice from Gina at Lifehacker.

I’m not the only one interested in losing weight (again) this year. A poll at Lifehacker indicates that 1/3 of the visitors have the same lose weight/get fit goal.

From New Year’s weight loss hacks on Lifehacker:

Since it’s January 2nd and we’re all sadly munching on our carrot sticks after a week of holiday gluttony, today’s a good time to run down some of the best weight loss tricks we’ve gathered here at Lifehacker. Step into my office – and bring your carrot sticks – for a few tips on how to make your New Year’s pound-shedding a bit easier.

Gina’s tips — which don’t include a specific diet — are easy and can be accomplished by anyone. And if seriously taken all together, there’s no reason why the weight shouldn’t fall right off your body. It’s all a matter of breaking bad habits, eating smart, and getting a bit more exercise.

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