Aviation Weather 1.2.5

A Dashboard widget for pilots.

I’ve used this widget in the past and really like it. It uses your Internet connection to retrieve official TAF and METAR information for airports you enter into its interface.

From Aviation Weather 1.2.5 on Dashboard widgets:

About Aviation Weather Get current weather conditions as well as weather forecasts with the “Aviation Weather” dashboard widget. The widget shows weather data (METAR and TAF) which is used by pilots for their flight preparations. ”Aviation Weather” lets you choose any airport weather stations from its built-in database by either name or ICAO (4-letter) code. Data will be shown in its original format or translated into easy understandable texts. You can define up to 4 preset stations.

The preset feature is handy. Just program in the four airports you visit most and getting the weather at your destination is as quick as two clicks. Highly recommended for pilots.

2 thoughts on “Aviation Weather 1.2.5

  1. Maria,

    for the past three hrs. I have picked all through your site and am impressed and very pleased to have found it. Thank you!

    I have flown twice with you- once at Robasons(sp?)Mining World, and the second at Old Congress Days.

    You may not remember me as you saw alot of people on both times and I don’t expect you to. But you may remember the Teepee beside my house there in Congress.

    As I told you on both rides I am a flegling helicopter pilot trainee with just over 27 hrs.

    I have a questin as to the section “Helicopter Cowboy” which is how I found your website,

    Why would you not wish to a round up of cows for the rancher? I figure that would be a blast!

    I’ve done a couple of roundups on the ground and would be thrilled to do one from the air.

    Thanks for all the great stuff found herein!


    Ira Birdwell

  2. Of course I remember you! I might not remember your face — I’m notoriously bad at faces — but I remember you, your teepee, and your flying lessons.

    I’ve worked with ranchers — notably the folks at the OX Ranch on Date Creek — to FIND their cattle, but my insurance does not allow me to round them up. There’s an outfit out of Texas that does that in Congress with R22s. I believe they work for the Granthams once in a while. Moving cattle is low-level, dangerous, dusty work that really beats up a helicopter. I’d like to try it sometime, but until I find insurance that allows, it, I have to say no.

    See you at Robson’s later this month?

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