The Most Difficult Task I Had Today

And I still can’t figure out why.

I spent about 2 hours today putting together an advertisement for Flying M Air‘s Southwest Circle Helicopter Adventure to be printed in a German publication.

I didn’t have to translate it. The advertising company sent me a translation of some text I’d sent them months ago. Trouble is, I couldn’t figure out what the text said. It took a while to find the original message asking for the translation. Oh. That’s what I wrote. Okay. Now at least I knew what I was advertising.

The Finished Ad at about 1/2 sizeTrouble was, the existing ad I wanted to modify for this job had the wrong photos. That means I had to get new photos. Then I couldn’t get the style of the new photos to match the photos I wanted to keep. So I had to find the original versions of all the photos and prepared them all over again from scratch. But I couldn’t remember out how I’d done it in the first place. So I had to figure it out.

Then I realized I rotated some of the images the wrong way and redid them. Then I had to re-rotate them again because I was right the first time. The drop-shadows completely baffled me. I couldn’t remember how I’d done them and I had to try doing it a few different ways before I got the desired results.

Then I had to squeeze in the text. Ever notice how it takes more, longer words to say something in German than in English?

Of course, I’m doing all this in Photoshop, which isn’t exactly the friendliest environment for laying out text and graphics elements. InDesign would have been better. But the old file was in Photoshop, so that’s what I thought I’d use to save time. Wrong!

Anyway, I’m done. You can see the ad here.

Now let’s just home I get some calls from Germans who speak English and want to take a 6-day helicopter excursion.

What do you think?