Zorro: A Novel

by Isabel Allende

Zorro: A NovelI just finished Zorro: A Novel by Chilean author Isabel Allende. It’s the story of Zorro before all the other stories: the story of his parents, his birth, and his upbringing. It covers the first 20 years of his life, from California to Spain, and back to California by way of New Orleans and Cuba.

It was an interest read — and not just because of the author’s skill. Originally written in Spanish, the author writes in very long paragraphs — sometimes more than a page each — which can cover a huge span of time and many events. This is very different from the way American authors write in short paragraphs, punctuated with lots of dialog. The pages look dense and forbidding, but the story jumps out of those paragraphs and proves very entertaining, with lots of historical facts to add realism.

I recommend this book to others who like a good adventure with a familiar character.

What do you think?