Hermosa Ranch Insanity (revisited)

Clearing up a lot of misinformation.

It appears that Wickenburg’s Department of Misinformation has been working overtime on this one. Let me set the record straight:

The FAA did not approve Hermosa Ranch. Whoever told you that is either lying or using information obtained from the Department of Misinformation. In fact, I have in my possession, a letter to Miles Johnson, Town Planner and Airport Manager, from the FAA that states, in part:

Assurance 21, Compatible Land Use, stipulates that the Town will take all reasonable measures to restrict land uses adjacent to the airport to activities that are compatible with normal airport operations. Residential property in the vicinity of the airport is not a compatible land use. Airport noise will inevitably cause homeowners to complain about the airport and demand restrictions on airport operations. The FAA does not support this type of development next to the airport. In view of Assurance 21, why would the Town approve residential home [sic] so close to the airport?

Does that sound like the FAA approves of Hermosa Ranch? Right now, the Town of Wickenburg is on the verge of losing its FAA airport funding because it continues to approve residential zoning near the airport. That’s something the Department of Misinformation does not understand or want the people of Wickenburg to know.

Every single one of my petition’s signers knew exactly what he or she was signing. In explaining it, I used the same photo and illustration that appears on this site. I answered questions with facts, I presented FAA-prepared documents regarding recommended safe clearances. It took me a long time to get those signatures; people don’t just sign any old thing these days. Most people signed based on the noise concern alone. Everyone with a brain understands that people are not going to like living under the path of landing and departing airplanes. Photos and to-scale drawing of the situation do not lie. Where was this information when the project was presented to P & Z and the Town Council?

And again, why wasn’t the Airport Advisory Commission consulted about this?

And finally, it disgusts me that a printed list of people who signed my petition to stop Hermosa Ranch is being circulated and the signers harassed by the Chamber of Commerce and other people. Petitioning is a first amendment right and a government body — or representatives of that body — are violating that right when they harass people who are exercising it.

What’s going on in Wickenburg? And when is it going to stop?

One thought on “Hermosa Ranch Insanity (revisited)

  1. I would be interested in an update of Hermosa Ranch. The housing situation now I am sure is much different back in 2006, but I am sure the kunckehead developers only see failed potential, and will try and build anyway. I do hope if Kelly Blunt wins the mayor’s seat in Wickenburg that he will put a halt to the “good ol’ boys” and inject common sense into Wickenburg’s policy making.

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