What Ever Happened to Honesty and Integrity?

Am I asking for too much?

Am I asking too much when I expect elected officials to be honest and forthcoming with their constituents?

Am I asking too much when I expect elected officials to put the needs and desires of the voting public before their own?

Am I asking too much when I expect elected officials to actually care about the people they serve?

I am disgusted by the political bullshit going on in this country and in my adopted home town. It makes me sick when I see who’s paying off who and the benefits contributors get. Whether it’s lobbying expense accounts in Washington DC or campaign contributions to town council candidates in Wickenburg, the people accepting these bribes — because that’s pretty much what most of them are — should be ashamed of themselves.

The next time you go to the polls, be prepared. Know what the candidates stand for. Learn who financed them. Understand why they are running. Know how they will vote on issues. Make sure you vote for the person, not the sign on the side of the road.

Don’t be lazy. The wrong vote can have catastrophic consequences for your future.

If you’re sick and tired of elected officials making decisions that benefit themselves, their families, and their rich friends, do something about it. Vote to make a change. It’s your right and your responsibility.

Election Day is November 7. Don’t let the rest of us down.

One thought on “What Ever Happened to Honesty and Integrity?

  1. Hi Maria,

    The majority gets the leaders they deserve, nothing more or less. It’s not about electing ‘anyone,’ it’s about raising your own consciousness and gathering with others of like mind. The depraved system exists because we support it and complaining about corruption is as old as the day is long. Tain’t nothin’ new under the sun until we make a major shift by withdrawing from “their game” and starting a new one. That works best at a local level where numbers and issues are easier to handle. We get what our consciousness is equal to-there really is no other way it could happen…

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