Come Fly with Us! Has 7 Subscribers

Already! Cool!

Come Fly with Us!, the video podcast I whipped up for Flying M Air the other day, already has 7 subscribers. I think that’s pretty cool.

I checked the iTunes Music Store and found that it was listed there. Oddly enough, only two subscribers are checking in with iTunes. The others are using MyYahoo, Jakarta Commons, and a Java-based reader. I’m wondering if they’re all seeing the video that goes with the podcast. I hope so, since that’s all there really is.

I wrote an article about how to publish a video podcast using WordPress and submitted it to InformIt for possible publication on their site. If they take it, I’ll link to it when it’s published. If they don’t, it’ll appear on this site and on our WordPress VQS support site.

I created the second release for Come Fly with Us! on Tuesday. It’ll be released next Monday. I’ve decided to create the episodes in advance and release them on Mondays. It’s pretty easy to do with WordPress — just date the entries in the future and they won’t appear online until that date and time rolls around. I sometimes do that with entries on this site — like the About the Photos entries that were appearing quite regularly for a while. I wrote all of those in August and set them to release weekly for the next four months. (Time do do more, too.)

Next Monday’s release will show the Swansea Town Site ghost town. Those photos were taken on the ground. Some of them are a few years old. I think I’ll do a release on Wickenburg for the following week. Got some pictures today when I was out flying with my friend Kathy. Then possibly Sedona, from the air and on the ground.

Now if only I could get this ambitious with my personal podcast. I haven’t recorded an entry for a few months now.

What do you think?