Helicopter Calendar

I order my office calendar far in advance.

Last year, I waited too long to order the helicopter calendar that always hangs in my office. It was sold out and the publisher ran out of stock. I got stuck with a frog calendar that I bought in mid-January. (At least it didn’t cost very much.)

This year, I ordered early — last week in fact — to round out an order at Amazon.com for a pair of DustBuster batteries. The batteries and calendar arrived today.

I’m disappointed. Brown Trout, the calendar publisher, usually has much better photos than these. Most of them were taken from the ground of a helicopter landing, taking off, or just sitting there. Three of them are of Grand Canyon tour operator helicopters (a Papillon Bell 206L, a Papillon Bell 407, and a Grand Canyon Helicopters Eurocopter EC130) and I’m willing to bet all three photos were taken on the same day at the companies’ respective landing zones. Papillon Copter 9 (which I flew several times; it’s a utility ship and rather underpowered when compared to the others) is obviously doing its takeoff run, the 407 is sitting on the pad, and the Ecostar is probably landing. Four photos were taken from the ground or some high place looking up at the helicopter, so you can see its underside. And, if I’m not mistaken, all of the photos were taken in Arizona.

You can see twelve better photos of helicopters in a single issue of Vertical magazine.

But since Brown Trout seems to be the only helicopter calendar publisher, I’m pretty much stuck with this calendar.

And it is much better than the frogs.

4 thoughts on “Helicopter Calendar

  1. Hi Maria,

    Have you been able to tracek down a decent 2007 helicopter calendar? I am searching hard to find one for my son who is a pilot, thanks for your comments, would have pruchased this one if not for your site, thanks a lot!!! Diana

  2. This is the only one I’ve found. And it isn’t TERRIBLE — it just isn’t very good. But it’s better than nothing (in my opinion).

    If your son is a helicopter pilot, I’m sure he’ll appreciate your efforts to find a helicopter calendar for him; they aren’t easy to find. If he’s miliary, though, you might have better luck. I’m sure I’ve seen a military helicopter calendar somewhere in the past.

  3. I just checked them out (http://www.spartagraphics.com/). They’re primarily military helicopters. I’m not terribly interested in those. Just the ones I might be able to fly one day, which are all civilian. But I do agree that it looks like a fine calendar for anyone interested in military helicopters. Thanks for telling us about it.

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