The President’s Weekly Radio Address Podcast

Yes, but which one?

That’s easy. The funny one.

This afternoon, I searched the iTunes Music Store for a podcast I’d listened to a few times but had somehow lost my subscription to. (I’m a bit quick on the delete key some days and often delete subscriptions rather than episodes. Oops.) The podcast is called “The President’s Weekly Radio Address.”

Imagine my surprise when I came up with two matches for the phrase president’s radio address:

I wish there were a way to see which of the two podcasts were more popular — in other words, had more subscribers.

I also found podcasts by Bill Maher and Penn Jillette of Penn & Teller fame. (Okay, so I’m a liberal. But we all knew that.) And video podcasts from Comedy Central.

Why am I filling my iPod again? Got some long drives and flights ahead of me. May as well feed my head while I’m behind the wheel or at the stick.

What do you think?