The Ditty Bops

I hear a new sound that I like on an NPR podcast.

I have a problem. I don’t seem to like much of the new music that’s coming out. I’m becoming my parents, who didn’t like the music I listened to in the 70s and 80s. Now it’s the 00s and I’m stuck in a sound that’s 20 to 30 years old.

Don’t get me wrong: I’ve tried listening to the new stuff. Really. I like the rhythms of hip-hop and rap, but I cannot tolerate the lyrics and instrumentals. Half the new “rock” groups sound to me as if they’re singing off key, or just making a lot of noise. None of the new stuff sounds very good to me at all.

But when a new Steely Dan or Pink Floyd or Eric Clapton album comes out, I buy it immediately. It’s what I like. And my iPod is full of the same stuff, along with some “smooth jazz” and a touch of Mozart. And podcasts, of course.

It’s the podcasts that often introduce me to new things. I listen to NPR’s Story of the Day podcast. I enjoy about half the stories. But the ones that I enjoy I really enjoy. Like a recent All Things Considered piece about the Ditty Bops.

The story was kind of weird. It appears that this female duo is touring the country by bicycle, from California to New York. They should be in New York as I write this. But what hooked me was their music. The podcast included bits and pieces from some of their songs. The music was folksy, with good rhythms, interesting instrumentals, and wonderful harmonies. Something new for my iPod, I realized. Something other than more classic rock.

If you’re in the over 30 crowd and are interested in listening to something new, give this podcast a listen. Then go out and get some of The Ditty Bops’ music. You’ll find it in the iTunes music store and on, as well as in the NPR shop.

And if you’re already a Ditty Bops fan, use the Comments link to share your thoughts. I’d like to think that I’m not the only one who likes this kind of music.

One thought on “The Ditty Bops

  1. I can’t recall where I first heard the Ditty Bops, but the song was “Wake Up,” and I was enthralled. I eagerly researched them online and listened to previews of several songs and couldn’t wait to hear it all. Since, I’ve become a Bopaholic!! I rarely listen to any other music, and have collected a couple of pieces of memorabilia on eBay, including a CD autographed by Abby and Amanda. I find that the eclectic mix of styles, the variety of instruments (and skill of the players) and of course those amazing voices, alone or harmonizing, all come together to create a unique sound that still captivates me. The fact that they write all of their music also earns my respect and admiration. Their delightfully whimsical approach to live concerts makes it clear that these lovely young ladies are thoroughly enjoying themselves while playing with their audience. No divas, no ego trips, no “head’s too big”, just two rare talents having fun. I expect them to be ‘discovered’ soon, and I pray that the fanfare that follows will not change them a whit.

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