Searching for Myself

I’m finding myself in the most unexpected places.

I’ve been having a tiny bit of trouble with this Web site lately — it appears that folks are accessing the printable version of these pages more often than the blog version. That got me thinking that Google, which accounts for about 60% of my total hits, was listing the printable version of this site’s pages in its search results.

So to test this theory, I Googled myself.

I didn’t find confirmation of the problem, but I did find this page on the Bookpool Web site: Bookpool: Maria Langer. It lists my Top 10 favorite computer books. I vaguely remember writing something about my top 10 books a while back. It must have been a long while back because none of the books on the list are very recent.

I also discovered electronic versions of my Quicken books online: Maria Langer eBooks. Hope I’m getting royalties for those.

And I’m even in Wikipedia, but just as a stub. I removed an outdated link there.

I guess AllExperts on has no qualms about stealing info from Wikipedia, because the same exact entry is on their page for me.

And there’s a really old picture and bunch of info about me on Ilene Hoffman’s site. (Anyone know if Ilene is still around?)

And, of course, there are a bunch of links to shop for me. Take that any way you like. One even promises “Instant access to Maria Langer and more.” I wouldn’t bother clicking that link if I were you. Trust me: it won’t work.

Strange, the places I turn up.

Of course, this isn’t helping me solve the problem I turned to Google to solve. Back to work!

What do you think?