"Growth is Inevitable"

If I hear that one more time, I’m going to puke.

This time it was on NPR. They were interviewing a campground owner in Sturgis, SD, home of the big annual motorcycle rally. The one all the Harley owners tow their bikes to. Or tow their bikes within 50 miles of and try to tell people they rode all the way from Ohio.

This particular campground owner was building an outdoor arena for concerts during the event. The arena would seat about 35,000 people. And it was three miles away from a mountain considered sacred by the local indian tribe.

When asked whether he considered the impact of building and concert noise on the Native Americans praying and meditating on the mountain, he replied, “Growth is inevitable.” He then went on to say that they needed to develop Sturgis so the young people who live there could have jobs.

But I think that what he was really saying was: If the Indians don’t like it, tough. We have to develop our land to suck the most money we can out of these Harley guys once a year. I’d like to see the Indians try to stop me.

I hope it rains on every single concert this guy puts on from now until the day he dies.

[composed on top of a mesa in the middle of nowhere with ecto]

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