Lake Powell from the Air

I get a few sample photos from the photographer I took over Lake Powell last month.

In April, I had the pleasure of flying five photographers on an afternoon photo flight over Lake Powell. I wrote about it in “Flying At Lake Powell” in this blog.

The photographer who arranged it all, Mike Reyfman, is based in Chicago. He’s a professional photographer, with quite a portfolio of excellent work. His Web site, Mike Reyfman Photography, displays his images, which are available as stock photos and enlargements. He seems to do a lot of work out here in the southwest.

Lake PowellAlthough I enjoyed the scenery while in flight, I didn’t really know how the photos my passengers were taking were coming out. Not until Mike sent me three sample images. Here’s my favorite of the bunch, downsized for Web display.

This is the difference between a professional photographer and a tourist out taking snapshots. I have a terrible time capturing the beauty of what I see around me — and there’s plenty of it sometimes. But a good photographer can focus (pun intended) on a part of what he sees to create a truly memorable image.

If you’re interested in seeing other images Mike took on that trip, visit his Web site. I think you’ll be amazed.

And if you’d like to try your hand at aerial photography over a beautiful place, visit the Flying M Air Web site to learn more about my charter services.

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