I’m Back

I return from a long weekend in New York.

Just got back from a 4-day weekend in New York. Our activities included:

  • dinner at Baumgart’s in Englewood, NJ
  • a birthday party for my husband, Mike, in Glen Cove (on Long Island)
  • dim sum in Ft. Lee, NJ
  • an afternoon in SoHo and the south Village, including a quick look at the new MacBook laptop in Apple’s SoHo Apple Store
  • getting rained on just enough to remember the pleasure of a spring rain but without getting wet enough to be miserable about it
  • Italian pastries and coffee at a real bakery
  • a viewing of The DaVinci Code at a theater across the street from Ground Zero (my first trip down there since before 9/11)
  • tapas at a Spanish restaurant in Englewood, NJ with our old next-door neighbors
  • real bagels and lox at my mother-in-law’s apartment in Queens, NY

Seems like we did a lot of eating. We did. I’m still stuffed.

I hope to write a bit about some of the things we did — and show some photos — later this week. Stay tuned.

What do you think?