Stupid Girls

Some reading material for those who care.

A while back, I wrote a quick blog entry about a girl sitting next to me on a flight to New York. In it, I marvelled at her apparent lack of intelligence and willingness to spend most of the flight “sucking face” with her pimply companion.

I just read an article on that put this in perspective. It’s called “Return of the Brainless Hussies” by Rebecca Traister and it discusses, among other things, that there simply aren’t any good role models for today’s girls. Celebrities like Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson, and the Olsen twins are teaching young girls that it’s cool and sexy to be dumb.

The article also references a recent video called “Stupid Girls” by someone named Pink. I’d heard of Pink, but had no idea who she was — or in fact that she was a she rather than a he or a they. (I really don’t keep up with this stuff. My music tastes are permanently stuck in the 70s and 80s.) The song mourns the rise of stupid girls and the video mocks the celebrity examples out there. It’s a sad commentary, but one I’m glad is out there. Maybe someone will learn something from it.

Or maybe not. Today’s youth is too caught up in celebrity activities, fashion, and consumption. Ms. Traister’s article is a nice, objectively written piece that brings things into perspective. If you’re a parent of one or more young girls, read it and learn.

What do you think?