It’s difficult to rest…

…when there’s so much to do.

It’s been a week since my surgery and the pain is greatly diminished. My incision is healing nicely and my digestive system seems almost back to normal. I feel capable of doing things. Not physical things, mind you. Just things. Doing odd jobs around the house. Working on the WordPress book Miraz and I are trying to finish. Grocery shopping. Meeting with friends at the airport for one of Stan’s great lattes.

The trouble is, I can’t do “things” for more than an hour or two without getting completely exhausted.

As my friends keep reminding me, I need to slow down. I’m recovering from abdominal (or abominable, depending on how you look at it) surgery. My body’s trying to heal itself and I’m forcing it to do other things. At this rate, I’ll never recover.

So today I’m taking the day off (again). Rest and relaxation.

The pile of work waiting for me to get to won’t get any bigger. I’ll just have less time to get it done.

What do you think?