The Grand Tetons

A road trip photo.

Back in August, I took a 16-day road trip in my “midlife crisis” car (a 2004 Honda S2000). In a way, it was a midlife crisis trip. The goal was to find a place we could live in the summer and still make some kind of living or, better yet, a new year-round place to live. I traveled as far west as the Oregon coast and as far north as Mount St. Helens. I covered a few hundred miles a day, making up my route as I drove, finding a cheap place to sleep most nights and splurging for a nicer place on a few nights. (I wanted to spend $100 or less per day on average.) I saw more of this country in those 16 days than most people see in a lifetime.

I took my laptop with me and documented the trip in my old blog. Those entries haven’t made it to this new site for two reasons: (1) importing them with their images is time consuming, tedious work and I can’t stand much of that for long and (2) I’ve decided to expand on them and turn them into a travel book.

The Grand TetonsI’d woken that morning in Montana, at a friend’s house, and had taken the scenic route south, through Yellowstone National Park. South of that park, I reached Jackson Lake with this late afternoon view of the Grand Tetons.

I like this picture, primarily because of the color: blue. It’s funny how you can look at something and percieve it a certain way, then point a camera at it and get a picture that shows something you didn’t really see. In this case, it’s the color blue. Of course, I noticed the sky was blue and the water was blue, but in this shot, the mountains look blue, too.

“Of purple mountains majesty”? Perhaps this is what they were talking about.

Yellowstone, Tetons, Montana, Jackson

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