The Immigration Crisis

Some thoughts on a topic I can’t seem to make a decision about.

I live in Arizona, where Mexican workers are common. They do landscaping work, house cleaning, and construction work. They work hard and they do jobs most Americans don’t want to do — for less pay than most Americans are willing to accept.

I used to think that letting in a lot of foreigners wasn’t a good thing because Americans were losing jobs. But I don’t think that’s the case anymore. I think foreigners are willing and able to do certain jobs better than their American counterparts. (The other jobs are just being sent out to India.)

Arizona has a terrible problem with illegal immigrants. It’s not just that they’re coming over the border all the time. It’s that there is a market for people to move them, people who don’t really care about their human cargo. They take the money and all to often, get these people hurt or even killed. Crossing the desert without enough water. Locked in the back of abandoned trucks. The Mexican people are so desperate to come to this country that they put their trust in people who don’t deserve it and a lot of them die.

Part of me says to shut down the borders, build walls or fences, and send back all the illegals. Another part of me feels bad for these people, who just want to make a better life for themselves and can’t afford the paperwork or legal fees to get it done on the fast track. But I don’t believe in amnesty; I believe in following the rules that exist.

Why do we have this problem? Why can’t we enforce our own rules?

And then again, I do have a sneaking suspicion that the only reason this “crisis” is taking up so much of the news these days is because the current administration is trying to get our minds off the bigger problem — Iraq. Smoke and mirrors.

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5 thoughts on “The Immigration Crisis

  1. Now I am not saying you are one. This post is communist thinking. So, your stating that our government(300 billion in debt) would create more problems to get “Our minds off of” the war? Wow, you know how many spanish people protested? Thats all.

  2. I too am in an indecisive state about the imigration problem. I agree that it is likely a diversion amoung many others by this administration but is still a problem to be appropriately delt with for the right reasons and with the right approach. I am also concerned that, in fact, our involvement in Iraq was always planned and I do not eliminate any preliminary events from the probability of being being arranged or allowed by this administration. Likewise these “diversions”.

    It’s interesting how touchy ignorant people can be when you question their unrealistic beliefs. Our country was founded by people of your persuasion, not his.

  3. About Iraq — I think some startling information is going to come out about this whole thing in about 20 years. Plans, motivations, payoffs, etc. I think it’s tragic the way America has fallen from grace with the rest of the world because of political decisions.

    And thanks for your kind words. Our founding fathers were revolutionaries. That means they were outspoken in their opinions against their current governments. While I don’t claim to be a revolutionary, I do exercise the freedom of speech granted to all Americans in the First Amendment to the Constitution.

    Funny how people who don’t believe or agree with political leaders are considered “communists” by people who do. When I read that first comment, I thought the ghost of Senator Joseph McCarthy was roaming the blogoshere looking for new victims.

  4. Illegals don’t take jobs Americans won’t do; they allow exploitation that American workers won’t tolerate.

    Labor movements fought the maltreatment of workers early last century and built a middle-class in this nation. Sadly, we have forgotten the foundation that created the greatest-generation. Now, employers of illegals have created a corrupt sub-culture within our boarders, they must be held accountable.

    Being on the fence (or wall, as it may be) on this issue allows two great sins 1) the corporate government is allowed to exploit yet another race of people 2) the working middle class, and moral backbone of America, is irreparably eroded. Additionally, illegal immigrants have no police or protection except the new mafia, which festers and grows everyday you continue to be indecisive with regard to this problem.

    There is a cost to cheap labor, a very steep cost.

  5. This is a nation of laws,not of men.I have no sympathy for lawbreakers that jump my border,undercut American workers (remember “summer jobs” for high schoolers) and REFUSE to assimilate.Mexico has copper,silver,oil,turquoise,everything they need.They also have a corrupt government they’re not willing to rise against-yet they’ll march through L.A.,with their faces covered with a black bandana…C’mon will ya..This aint brain surgery !

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