About the Photos

I add a new category to Maria’s WebLog.

I’m not sure if readers are aware of this, but I took all of the photos that appear in the header to this site. There are about 20 of them now in the random header rotation and they’re from all over the place.

It struck me that it might be somewhat interesting to learn more about each of the photos and the circumstances under which they were taken. So I added the About the Photos category. During the upcoming weeks, I’ll be writing a bit about the photos you see on this site, explaining where they came from.

I was heavily into photography for a while — mostly while I was in college (and dating a photographer) and for several years afterward. I don’t think I have any special skill. I believe that anyone who goes to an interesting place, points an autofocus camera in the right direction, and snaps off dozens of shots has to get at least one good shot. (A friend of mine’s sister proved that when one of her photos was published as a poster for a rock band; 99% of her photos were absolute crap.) So I keep snapping and every once in a while, I get one worth sharing.

Bear with me as I tell you about some of them.

What do you think?