“Sometimes the best solution to morale problems is just to fire all of the unhappy people.”

My friend Ryan sent me a link to Demotivators on the Despair, Inc. Web site.

Demotivators are like that motivational artwork you see advertised in airline shopping magazines — the kind you find in the seat back pocket in front of you. But they have a dark, super-realistic side.

This sums it all up:

AT DESPAIR, INC., we believe motivational products create unrealistic expectations, raising hopes only to dash them. That’s why we created our soul-crushingly depressing DemotivatorsĀ® designs, so you can skip the delusions that motivational products induce and head straight for the disappointments that follow!

They’re not depressing unless you take them seriously. They’re actually hysterically funny. Check them out.

What do you think?