What Not to Crochet

“Because there’s always one more crochet design that shouldn’t be made!”

I stumbled onto this one while working on the WordPress book. It’s a WordPress.com-hosted blog and it’s full of photos and commentaries about really bad crochet patterns.

For those of you who don’t know what crocheting is, it’s like knitting, but with a single, hooked needle. I’m not too proud to admit that I used to crochet, but my skill level never advanced beyond potholders and scarfs. This site makes me glad I quit.

Check it out for yourself at What Not to Crochet.

2 thoughts on “What Not to Crochet

  1. “Not too proud to admit that I used to crochet”? Crochet is a wonderful art form. Knitting may be more versatile for garments, but for everything else crochet is naturally superior. Crochet Afghans, amigurumi, and home decor items are often far far more interesting than their knitted counterparts.

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