I Never Thought…

…I’d ever have to complain about too much flying.

I am exhausted. During the past three days, I flew 11.5 hours of revenue time. That’s time that people are actually paying me to fly. I flew 6 hours just today.

All of a sudden, everyone wants to go flying. I’ve done charters to the Grand Canyon, Scottsdale, Sedona, and Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix. I’ve done real estate developer land tours, tours around Mesa, and tours around Wickenburg. And that’s after last week’s two photo shoots, a Grand Canyon charter, a Sedona charter, and an ash scattering. Where are these people coming from? And where were they in January and February when I was wondering where my next payment was going to come from?

I made my next payment. And the payment after that. Heck, I might even have June’s payment lined up — I have another tour tomorrow and a 2-day outdoor gig next weekend.

I need a rest. This helicopter charter business is starting to get like a job.

2 thoughts on “I Never Thought…

  1. That sounds like a lot of flying!

    Isn’t that just the way of things! Famine and feast; no work or too much work.

    So what’s the timetable for upgrading to a 6-seater helicopter, then?



  2. No 6-seater in the immediate future for me. I can barely afford this one. This might be a good month, but there are so few good months for the flying business in Wickenburg that I can’t assume every month will be even half as good.

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