Grand Canyon…Again?

I get yet another good charter.

This has been a good month for Flying M Air. I just booked yet another Grand Canyon charter. And this one goes by way of Meteor Crater.

Meteor CraterThe client called, wanting to know if it were possible to see Meteor Crater and the Grand Canyon in the same day. He was vacationing in Wickenburg with two kids. His son wanted to see Meteor Crater and his daughter wanted to see the Grand Canyon. He was thinking about driving but wisely realized that he’d be spending all day in the car.

Sure it’s possible, I told him. But I had to do some calculations to see what it would cost. It turned out to cost only $200 more than just going to the Grand Canyon.


We’ll depart Wickenburg at 9 AM, fly north over Prescott and Sedona to Meteor Crater, circle the crater once or twice, and head northwest to the big ditch. They’ll go into the park for a few hours, then take a helicopter tour with Papillon over the canyon. Then back to the helicopter for a direct flight home. Three hours in the helicopter with me and about 25 minutes in the helicopter with Papillon.

It’ll be nice to take a more scenic route to the GC. I haven’t been over Meteor Crater since last summer.

And frankly, Meteor Crater looks much better from the air than it does from the ground.

What do you think?