New Mac mini

Small is beautiful.

Two weeks ago, when my old G4 went into a coma while serving up 10 Web sites, I thought it was going to require extensive (read that “expensive”) surgery to revive. If the Mac doctors had told me that, I would have let it die a dignified death and would have replaced it with a Mac Mini. With a pretty fast G4 processor and plenty of hard disk space, I could have added a bit more RAM to make it a good little server. (Emphasis on “little.”)

Mac MiniLucky for me, my sick G4 only required about $400 worth of parts and labor to bring back to near-new condition. I didn’t feel lucky then, when I was handing over my credit card, but I do feel lucky today. Why? Because Apple just released a new Mac Mini with an Intel Core Processor.

If I’d bought a Mac Mini last week when the new machine wasn’t yet available, I would have been very ticked off today.

What do you think?