Classic Rock Cuts

I prepare to host my own radio show.

My friend Keri has been hosting a 4-hour radio show on KBSZ-AM 1250 for the past few years. I admire her dedication. And I think it looks like fun.

So I asked the folks at KBSZ if I could host a one-hour radio show on a weekday night. The show would feature classic rock music, presented with a theme. For example, my first show’s theme will probably be classic rock songs from artists who only had one Top 40 hit. (You may be surprised about some of the artists who make that list — they’re not all one hit wonders!) Pete, who has trouble saying no, said yes.

I start next Wednesday. The show will be live on the air at 8 PM MST (that’s 10 PM EST and 7 PM PST). You can listen in on KBSZ’s steaming audio. Or you can pickup the podcast for the show, which should be available the day after it’s aired. I’ll put a link here when I get the podcast set up.

I’m looking for advertisers for the show. KBSZ has incredibly low advertising rates. I’ve already got my publisher, Peachpit Press, tentatively signed up for 2 one-minute ads per week. Because the show will air live on the Internet and be distributed as a podcast, it’ll have a pretty decent sized audience. If you’re interested in advertising, give KBSZ a call during office hours (8 am to 3 pm) and tell them you want to advertise on Maria’s show.

As usual, your feedback is welcome. Use the Comments link.

January 3, 2009 Update: This is an old post and it had a lot of old, broken links. I removed the bad links. I did the radio show for about 3 months before quitting — once the novelty wore off, I found it impossible to stick with a weekly schedule.

KBSZ was sold in April 2008. The previous owner of the radio station, Pete Peterson, passed away this past Monday. Things change but life goes on.

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