Visitors from Around the World

I check the map and discover some European visitors.

A while back, I added a counter feature to Maria’s WebLog. It keeps track of site visitors and can display a map of where the visitors are from.

Although it’s pretty easy to get caught up in this feature, I don’t check the map very often. But I did this morning. And what I found was that within the past few hours, I had visits from people in Romania, the Netherlands, Croatia, and Italy.

And that makes me wonder 1) how these people found my bLog and 2) what they read while they were visiting.

Would any of you people from Europe want to comment on that? Use the comment link or form for this post. I’m really curious.


2 thoughts on “Visitors from Around the World

  1. I like reading your blog in a general way because of your distinct American voice. You don’t seem to have written specifically on America while in fact, from a European perspective, that is what you write about. Your blog is a sort of window onto an American view that I like and which interests me but which is also quite alien. Reading what you write is a little like going to America and meeting people instead of just reading news reports. I don’t really mind if you only write about what you ate for breakfast because I can find out what either your government or mine are apparently saying whenever I choose. I drop by here for a snap-shot of someone on the other side of the world, going about their business. That you write about it in an engaging and frank style is why I come back.

    By way of example, as my explanation probably isn’t very helpful: your description of food in a Taiwanese restaurant sounds American rather than Taiwanese; all the various things that need lots of work and patience to fix in the camping house that Americans seem more likely to undertake than most other people; your packages for American armed forces that turned into a bureaucratic hurdle I would imagine most European people would have foreseen and so not embarked on the project/donated money as the easier option; re-heating scrambled egg, using a contraption I didn’t understand; lots of computer gadgets, plus horses; travelling quite extensive distances for pleasure rather than work. This combination doesn’t seem to me to be possible anywhere but America.

    Thank you for writing about it and please carry on.

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